It’s been a quiet year.

At least on my posting and updating side.

So what have you possibly missed?

  • my official directorial debut in Atlanta with Process Theatre’s Production of Die Mommie Die, by Charles Busch
  • several filmings and tv shoots. You’ll see soon—If not already (I was on an episode of Your Worst Nightmare being a horrible neighbor.)
  • I’m officially published!  One of my essays (which i’ve performed at Write Club Atlanta) was included in the first official publication OF Write Club Atlanta, Tender Bloodsport VOL 1.
  • The Doctor, The Devil, & My Dad, my world premier at 7 Stages last year, has received a Suzi Bass Award nod, being nominated with several other Atlanta productions for the Gene-Gabriel Moore Award.


I’d like to say something about this for just a moment, if you will.

This script is one of the most raw and most personal scripts i’ve ever written. The team brought together made this production the intense experience that it was. My design team was unparalleled or matched:  From Vii Kelley’s dirty, messy, accurate, painstaking immersive set; Dan Bauman’s sound design which threw the audience down the rabbit hole and left them there, whether they wanted to be or not, to the cast; my cast, oh! My cast! Of Topher Payne, Stacy Melich, Nicholas Tecosky, and Gina Rickicki; to Heidi Howard, who pushed for the birth of this story, and the backstage crew, who worked their asses off to keep a 90 minute show unblemished and driven…

It’s hard to imagine this in the hands of others… And maybe that’s why one’s first should always be special.

Thank you to all who made it happen.

Up next, you ask?



But keep watching. You’ll see me soon.