This Business.


You guys. This business. This arts and entertainment industry. From acting, writing, directing, etc It is not an easy thing. At all. And to believe that anyone in it CHOOSES it would be a falsehood. Because the moment any of us realize we have a choice, we actually have a choice, that we do not have to keep putting ourselves out there to repeatedly be rejected, to repeatedly find out we’re talented we’re just not the right height-race-weight-species, to repeatedly “book the room” and not the gig, to learn to live without closure because you will never know what got you the gig or didn’t get you the gig (which only leads to superstition, if you let it and deep deep anxiety… or atheism), to the hurry up and wait constancy, to feeling like you never left high school because it is about who you know or where you are, to never understanding how any of it works ever because there is no rhyme or reason, to being tricked into believing you know exactly how it all works, to exhaustion, to the mediocrity that seems to always to be there, to the insecurity you are the mediocrity, to the belief that you are truly good, to the belief you’ve been fooling yourself… No one chooses that. WHO WOULD CHOOSE THAT ON PURPOSE? And it’s not that there are victims here… No. One just lives it.
Because the moment any of us realize we have a choice? We’d crumble knowing we could have left sooner.