The Good Lie & Million Dollar Arm

Last year I walked into a callback audition for a movie called Million Dollar Arm. I had no idea what the movie was about and vaguely remembered sending in the self-taped audition for HOTEL CLERK, a one line scene. (I have a great story about that audition and maybe i’ll post it…later)

Needless to say, though, I did not get the role. Well… I didn’t get THAT role. I, instead, got cast as JULIE–AASHE’S WIFE. (as an actor, let me tell you the small excitement that runs through one’s body when you receive an actual name. An actual name.)

I have a nice habit i’ve developed when I audition for movies/tv: I do NOT look up anything about the movie beyond the script i’m sent. I do not want to know who’s in it, who’s directing, etc. When I have done this in the past, i’ve always failed at getting the audition.

Yes. I’m superstitious. To a degree.

Anyway. Imagine my surprise when watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the episode where he’s interviewing Jon Hamm, I learn that Jon Hamm is about to start filming a moved called… MILLION DOLLAR ARM.

I think eeeeee-ed for a good 10 minutes while my boyfriend just dealt with it. I can’t tell you how relieved I am I didn’t know beforehand.

I had a great time on set. I’ve seen the movie at a sneak preview. My line was cut, but i’m in a couple of montage moments. And. Well. I wanted to share that with you.

Thing is, I also got cast in another movie filmed last year in Atlanta, The Good Lie. This movie was a synchronicity moment in my life as I was also working hard to get my script, THIRD COUNTRY, up to speed for its world premiere at Leave a comment