Open and ready to go!

Welp. Opening weekend is behind us. All that’s left for now, is the run. This is the moment we get to see why theatre is so different than any other entertainment media. If I were to borrow from my random analogies, i’d say putting up a production and sending it off on its run is much like cooking an egg: It keeps cooking, even after you’ve taken it off the stove.


This is what makes me the most excited. To see how the actors and crew begin settling in and finding more and more moments. Even the ones they can sail through on automatic.

Many interviews have come out. Hopefully, i’ll be able to collect them and place them on here. I’m not usually a big fan of interviews. (which is just unfair, considering how I love to get people’s stories from them) But there was one this time, that I thoroughly enjoyed: Click here. Thanks to Buskingseams.Com.

A parting thought i’ll leave all with, was my facebook status update after all opening night shenanigans had quieted:

In 2010, Lisa Adler called me and asked me if i’d be interested in a commission to adapt OUTCASTS UNITED to stage. I said yes. Little did I know the journey that would happen following that: being denied rights to the story due to Universal Studio’s hold on OUTCASTS UNITED; a breakup; my father’s illness; a new romantic relationship; my father’s passing; moving after 3 years into another wonderful home; many new close friends; 11 month hiatus; return to a whirlwind of rewrites –11 drafts and still not done–; 5 weeks of intensive workshopping and rehearsal; an amazing cast of new people in my life and in my script; lessons without labels; and a world premiere. Thank you to everybody’s support and encouragement. It’s time for the next chapter. Keep ’em coming.

First Preview!


Tonight is the first preview for Third Country. Translation: Tonight is the first night our cast and crew will have an audience with the script in its current existence and on its feet. With two more days before opening, there’s still more work for the set and technical elements. There’s even a chance that there will be changes to the script (the development process for this project has been drastically different than most i’ve encountered, where changes are being allowed up until opening. Mostly, this is due to Horizon Theatre‘s unique and open approach to commissioned scripts. (This is a playwright’s theatre, ladies and gentlemen, in the fact that it will serve the playwright whatever indulgences, given there is time, up until opening.) Partly, this is due to the fact that this development process, usually spread out over 1-2 years, has been squished into 5 weeks.

My mother, who knows nothing of the processes of anything in theatre, asked me this past Sunday, “You’re still writing? Shouldn’t you be done?”

*blink* *blink* and the answer, of course, is yes. But this is a World Premiere. I want it as perfect as possible. And it won’t be. To find my sanity, (and to allow actors to do their freakin’ jobs) eventually, I will have to say, “This is the production script for this production. There will be (at this point) a 14th draft. There will need to be. And some of those edits/changes are known now. Some will not be discovered til the show has been running for two days, two weeks.”

So. Here we go.


We’re in the fourth week of rehearsals for THIRD COUNTRY. Soccer practice and arabic language lessons have advanced. Playing soccer A

You haven’t heard a lot from me because i’ve been spending a lot of my time making changes to the script. So, i’ve been saving my writing stamina, in a way. In this past week, though, the promotions have started to make the world aware of this World Premiere. One article is here and here. (Though, the second one isn’t free, but you can pay $.99 for a 24 hour pass to read a 5 minute article. 🙂 It’s worth it. You’ll even learn my family secrets.)

Tonight Horizon Theatre hosts what they call a Sneak Peak. You don’t have to RSVP, just come on down. I describe the Sneak Peak as a live DVD Extras experience of which you don’t have any control.