2nd Week of rehearsals

Soccer lessons. Arabic lessons. Microwaving on stage. That’s what the 2nd week of rehearsals is about. Also, acting, directing, writing.

As we continue to tweak the script and continue with rehearsals, entertain yourself with this tidbit from Andrew Alexander‘s new column.

Got a chance to sit with Mr. Alexander last week. He may have even more embarrassing stories than this one coming up in his feature. I can’t remember everything I said to him in the interview. So. It’ll be a surprise to us all. Join me in surprises.

So excited. Even if I did just write that sentence with a period.

Welcome! Welcome, one and all, to the brand new look and experience of Suehyla.com!

Special thanks to LightDaughter Designs for always understanding how to capture everything I want and making it better.

There’s more to be done, but this blog is a great start and perfect timing as we begin rehearsals (next week) for my second professional world premiere, THIRD COUNTRY, which will be presented at Horizon Theatre.

In 2010, Lisa Adler, co-artistic director of Horizon Theatre, approached me about a commission, ¬†inspired by the novel, Outcasts United. As I began to gather my own interviews, I discovered I couldn’t touch the story of The Fuguees due to movie rights held by Universal Pictures.

So? I found my own story I wanted to tell.

That story is the story of Clarkston, Ga. A town only 1.1 square miles, with a population of 8-thousand. Where 1 in 3 peoples was not born in this country. There are over 50 languages spoken in this small area — Melting pot doesn’t even begin to cover it. Whereas the U.S. and its major cities created spaces of concentrated communities (Chinatown, Little Italy, etc), Clarkston (a city that struggled through integration in the 80’s) was left to survive this major population change without the luxury of space, funding, nor guidance.

THIRD COUNTRY explores the tension between leaders of the city and the refugee resettlement agencies as they attempt to preserve and provide home for everyone; and the story of how home is defined and has to be redefined by us all.

Currently working on rewrites inspired by two back to back public readings from this week.

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