Suehyla El-Attar is a first-generation Egyptian. She was born and raised in Starkville, MS, but is rooted in Atlanta as an actor/playwright. As a playwright, Suehyla mostly writes scripts influenced by actual events. Her most recent World Premiere, THIRD COUNTRY, was commissioned by Horizon Theatre and inspired by challenges faced in Clarkston, GA, a small southern town with a huge, international refugee population. In 2005, she worked as an actor/writer with Synchronicity Theatre on the Women+War Project, a collaborative, multi-media, multi-disciplinary piece which brought the stories of over 40 women involved/affected by war from across the world, to the stage. Her first professional script, The Perfect Prayer, a semi-autobiographical piece about being raised Muslim in the south, had its world premiere with Horizon Theatre in 2006; and has enjoyed several productions across the United States. In the last several years, she’s answered a great drive in herself by writing for teens, both in story and in characters. Her three world premieres for teen theatre were commissioned by Shiloh High School: Fish BowlDesperadoes, and The Fall of the Devil’s Blues. Suehyla has been a professional actor since the mid 2000′s, delving into film and television, recently. She worked at the Alliance Theatre, Horizon Theatre, 7 Stages, Dad’s Garage, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Theatre in the Square, Synchronicity Theatre, and Essential Theatre.